The Forest at Duke Outsources IT Services With Progressive Computer Systems

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The Forest at Duke Outsources IT Services With Progressive Computer Systems

As the Director of Technology at The Forest at Duke, a Continuing Care Retirement Facility in Durham, North Carolina, Rashad Wilson plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of care and access to technology for the community's residents. With 13 years of experience in the industry, Rashad has spent nine of those collaborating closely with Progressive Computer Systems. This partnership has supported his professional development and driven success for The Forest at Duke regarding IT solutions and HIPAA compliance.

Through their nine-year relationship, Progressive Computer Systems has provided a valuable partnership with The Forest at Duke, offering co-managed IT services, cybersecurity, and assistance in achieving HIPAA compliance. The collaboration has contributed to a seamless integration of technology into senior residents' daily lives and care services. Additionally, the partnership has established a sense of trust and transparency, ensuring that both parties remain committed to maintaining a positive working relationship and following best practices for the safety and well-being of the residents.

Key Takeaways

  • Progressive Computer Systems offers valuable co-managed IT services, cybersecurity, and HIPAA compliance support to The Forest at Duke.
  • The longstanding partnership between Rashad Wilson and Progressive Computer Systems fosters a mutually beneficial relationship that contributes to success in their respective organizations.
  • The collaboration ensures transparency, trust, and commitment to maintaining best practices for the safety and well-being of the senior residents at The Forest at Duke.

Professional Background

Industry Experience

Rashad Wilson has worked in the Continuing Care Retirement Facility industry for 13 years. Throughout his career, he has gained valuable experience providing a continuum of care for residents in independent living, assisted living, and full-skilled nursing.

Role at The Forest at Duke

As the Director of Technology at The Forest at Duke, a Continuing Care Retirement Facility located in North Carolina, Rashad oversees a team of three, including himself. Together, they manage various aspects of technology in the organization, from low-level to high-level network issues.

Partnership with Progressive Computer Systems

For 9 of his 13 years in the industry, Rashad has been working closely with Progressive Computer Systems. He describes their relationship as symbiotic, with Progressive Computer Systems providing managed services, cybersecurity protection, and compliance services and collaborating with The Forest at Duke's technology team to ensure smooth operations. They assist with backup and recovery, server maintenance, workstations, and software while supporting capital and operational budgets.

Progressive Computers has a formal system for submitting work orders and tickets and maintains personal connections with clients. In Rashad's experience, their technicians, including Lisa and Mark, are easily reachable via phone, text, or email and extend the same level of support as an in-house team member.

The partnership began when Rashad's predecessor recognized the need for external support to address high-level issues and server updates. With Progressive Computers, they were able to develop a long-term plan to improve their network, policies, and procedures while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Over the years, their collaborative efforts have led to a significant reduction in remediations.

A notable achievement in their partnership is The Forest at Duke's recent receipt of a HIPAA Seal of Compliance, a first for the organization. Rashad attributes this accomplishment to the diligent work of The Forest at Duke and Progressive Computers in implementing necessary policies, procedures, and controls to protect sensitive resident information.

The unique quality that Progressive Computers brings to the table is their genuine care for their clients' organizations, residents, and industry. This relationship-focused approach has fostered open communication, mutual support, and collaboration driven by a shared goal of providing excellent care to residents in facilities like The Forest at Duke.

Team Dynamics

In-House Team

Rashad Wilson, Director of Technology, works with a small team of three members, including himself. They address lower-level issues and work closely with external support for more high-level problems. The team is responsible for backup, recovery, and maintenance of workstations and software.

External Support

The external support comes from Progressive Computer Systems, where they have worked together for 9 years. Progressive Computer Systems offers a managed services solution that acts as an extension of their team, helping them with high-level network issues, capital and operational budgeting, and providing additional skills when needed. This external support offers a formal system for submitting work orders and tickets but also allows for more personal communication, such as texting and calling the assigned technician.

Through the consistent collaboration between the in-house team and Progressive Computer Systems, they have successfully improved their networking, policies, procedures, and compliance. This partnership has led to a HIPAA certification for the first time, showing its commitment to data privacy and security.

This unique relationship between the in-house team and the external support from Progressive Computer Systems demonstrates a genuine sense of care and understanding for each other's organizations. They work together professionally and build personal connections, attending functions and supporting charity events. The two teams' strong relationship contributes to the organization's success and growth.

Progressive Computer Services Deliver IT Solutions to The Forest at Duke

Managed Services

Under the managed services offering, Progressive Computer Services fosters a collaborative relationship with The Forest at Duke's IT team. The director of technology and his team tackle low-level network issues, while Progressive Computer Services deals with high-level network problems. As an additional support system, Progressive acts like an extension of The Forest at Duke's IT department.

Backup and Recovery

Progressive Computer Services ensures that The Forest at Duke's backups and recovery systems are in place. They provide comprehensive support, safeguarding essential aspects like workstations and software. The company ensures that no crucial data is missed, playing a vital role in maintaining The Forest at Duke's rotation plan and handling capital and operational budgets.

Network Solutions

Progressive Computer Services thoroughly assessed The Forest at Duke's network and provided a clear plan of action to improve their network infrastructure. Focusing on a long-term approach, Progressive implemented necessary policies, procedures, and compliance measures under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Over time, this has led to a significant reduction in network vulnerabilities and an enhancement in the overall system.

Working Relationship Between The Forest at Duke and Progressive Computer Systems

Close Collaboration

Rashad Wilson, Director of Technology for The Forest at Duke, has worked closely with Progressive Computer Systems for nine years. Progressive Computer Systems provides invaluable support with high-level network issues, ensuring The Forest at Duke's infrastructure is in top shape. They also play a key role in assisting with backup and recovery, server management, and workstation and software maintenance.

Open Lines of Communication

The working relationship between The Forest at Duke and Progressive Computer Systems is characterized by open communication. They have established a system for submitting work orders and tickets, but the real value lies in their direct communication channels. The engineers assigned to The Forest at Duke are seen as an extension of their team, and they can easily reach out to them via phone calls, texts, or emails. This close collaboration ensures a seamless flow of information between the two teams and provides personalized service that far exceeds standard managed services.

The partnership has resulted in better resident data management, enhanced compliance with health policies, and encouraged a strong sense of mutual respect and friendship. With support from Progressive Computer Systems, The Forest at Duke recently earned its first-ever HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

In summary, the working relationship between The Forest at Duke and Progressive Computer Systems is marked by personal interaction, direct communication, and a shared commitment to serving the organization's and its residents' needs. Their collaboration has played a crucial role in enhancing the retirement facility's efficiency, security, and overall success.

Challenges and Solutions

Overcoming Past Technical Issues

In the early stages of collaboration, technical difficulties needed to be addressed. The organization needed to be more secure regarding compliance, policies, and procedures. Through hard work, dedication, and constant collaboration, they could tackle these difficulties and learn from their experiences.

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness

One of the critical factors that led to their success is the close relationship they established with Progressive Computer Systems. This collaboration was highly beneficial for both parties. Progressive Computer Systems provided comprehensive support, including managed services, compliance services, employee training, security assessments, disaster & recovery, backup systems, servers, workstations, budgetary assistance, equipment rotation planning, technology planning, and software assistance. Not only did this partnership ensure seamless communication between the teams, but it also made it possible to address high-level network issues efficiently and effectively.

Together, they streamlined their processes and improved communication, ensuring they always worked together as one cohesive unit. This enhanced operational effectiveness allowed them to overcome challenges and establish a solid foundation for their organization's cybersecurity through routine Strategic Planning Meetings.

By fostering a strong and supportive relationship and focusing on continuous improvement while helping to define the strategic direction for the organization, they have overcome past challenges and created a more secure environment for their residents' data.

Compliance and Policies

HIPAA Compliance

As the director of technology at a Continuing Care Retirement Facility, Rashad emphasizes the importance of staying compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). They have implemented policies and procedures to ensure their residents' personal health information security and achieved their first-ever HIPAA Seal of Compliance. This accomplishment has left them feeling confident and prepared for potential audits.

Data Protection

Data security is paramount in an organization where residents' health and financial information is obtained. Rashad highlights the strong relationship with Progressive Computer Systems, which has helped establish robust policies, controls, and procedures to protect data. With Progressive Computer Systems' assistance, the development and enforcement of satisfactory access controls have been a priority to maintain the safety of personal information. The result is an improved and secure data management environment that prioritizes the welfare of residents and the organization's integrity.

Progressive Computers' Unique Edge

Meeting Customers' Needs

Progressive Computer Systems focuses on providing excellent service by understanding clients' needs and working alongside their teams. From addressing lower-level issues to offering high-level network support, Progressive Computer Systems is an extension of clients' teams. Communication between engineers and clients is critical, with easy access through text, call, or email.

Comprehensive Knowledge of the CCRC Sector

Progressive Computers differentiates itself by profoundly understanding the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) industry. This insight allows them to support CCRC organizations effectively and efficiently, ensuring data security, maintaining high policy and procedure compliance levels, and meeting non-profit organizations' budgetary restrictions. Through their in-depth knowledge of the CCRC industry, Progressive Computers can help clients achieve their goals in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

In conclusion, Progressive Computers' unique edge lies in its customer-centric approach and comprehensive understanding of the CCRC industry. This enables them to provide tailored support and valuable client relationships, fostering trust and long-term success.

Why Organizations Across North Carolina Should Collaborate with Progressive Computer Systems

Organizations, explicitly continuing care retirement facilities, need a reliable technology partner that understands their challenges and helps them grow. Progressive Computer Systems offers numerous advantages, making it an excellent choice for organizations across North Carolina.

  • Managed Services: Progressive Computer Systems works closely with its clients as an extension of their teams. They assist with high-level network issues, backups, recovery, server workstations, and software. This comprehensive approach ensures that everything is noticed in operational planning.
  • Strong Relationships: Progressive Computer Systems fosters robust relationships with its clients, making them more like family than just business partners. With open communication lines, including text and email, clients can easily reach their engineers or the CEO to address concerns.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Progressive Computer Systems helps organizations achieve and maintain compliance while ensuring they have the necessary policies and procedures to safeguard sensitive information. They work diligently to keep client data safe and are committed to staying prepared for audits.
  • Personalized Attention: Unlike many managed service providers, Progressive Computer Systems offers technical expertise and genuine care for its clients and their industries. They take the time to understand their client's needs, budget restrictions, and goals, providing meaningful steps to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Long-term Commitment: Progressive Computer Systems is dedicated to providing continued support as organizations grow and evolve, making it an ideal partner for forward-thinking businesses in North Carolina.

In conclusion, Progressive Computer Systems stands out through its managed services, strong relationships, commitment to compliance, knowledge of technology solutions deployed at CCRCs, personalized attention, and long-term commitment to clients. These qualities make them an excellent choice for organizations in North Carolina looking to elevate their technology partnerships and reach new levels of organizational success.

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