Medical Treatment Systems Works Smart With Progressive Computer Systems

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Medical Treatment Systems Works Smart With Progressive Computer Systems

Throughout Michael Della-Rosa's tenure as the Director of Operations for Medical Treatment Systems, he has experienced a fascinating journey of IT staff transition and the evolution of IT services. Hired around 14 years ago, Michael's primary responsibilities included managing a real estate portfolio alongside overseeing the company's IT needs. Eventually, he needed a new IT professional, which led to the introduction of Progressive Computer Systems, which a trusted acquaintance recommended.

With the help of Progressive Computer Systems and Medical Treatment Systems, they noticed several positive changes, such as reduced risk from cyber threats and a more efficient and seamless workflow. Medical Treatment Systems and the IT team developed a close professional relationship, particularly with Lisa, the CEO and cybersecurity liaison for Progressive. This relationship allowed Medical Treatment Systems to easily discuss concerns, like the necessity of cyber insurance, and make informed decisions based on their recommendations.

Key Takeaways

  • Medical Treatment Systems's journey highlights the importance of adapting to changes and the evolution of IT services.
  • A trusting professional relationship with IT providers can lead to better support, informed decisions, and effective cost management.
  • Cybersecurity measures such as insurance and regular system monitoring are crucial for modern businesses.

IT Staff Transition

Around 12 or 13 years ago, the IT staff at Medical Treatment Systems underwent a significant transition. The former IT staff member left their position to pursue further education. An outsourced IT company was recommended, and Progressive Computer Systems was eventually brought on board as the organization's outsourced IT services partner.

The transition from the previous IT staff member to Progressive was seamless, leading to various company service improvements. This transition provided more excellent information technology support and additional offerings such as website development and more effective web searches.

During this period, the cost of IT services began to rise. In response, Medical Treatment Systems and Progressive Computer Systems agreed to switch from a fixed monthly contract to billing on an hourly basis. This change allowed the company to manage costs better and ensure that resources were used more effectively.

As Medical Treatment Systems grew and adapted to the changing business environment, including increasing concerns around cybersecurity, Progressive Computer Systems provided valuable advice and recommendations. They also assisted with securing insurance coverage, which was crucial due to the potential risks associated with cyber threats.

Throughout this transition and the subsequent years, the working relationship between Progressive and Medical Treatment Systems has been highly successful. Their availability, flexibility, and expertise in the IT field have contributed to the company's growth and success.

Evolution of IT Services

Over the years, the IT services landscape has transformed significantly. Businesses hired IT professionals about a decade ago to manage email servers and resolve password issues. Now, the role of IT service providers has evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of businesses. They provide various services, including cybersecurity, website development, hardware procurement, and more.

As technology advancements accelerate, businesses now face increased security threats. A significant concern for businesses is the risk of hacking, making cybersecurity a crucial offering. IT service providers often serve as consultants in cyber insurance, helping companies ensure they have sufficient coverage.

In addition, IT service providers have evolved to become more proactive in offering support. They are no longer limited to simply dealing with issues as they arise but now anticipate potential problems and provide necessary guidance. This strategic approach allows businesses to focus on their core operations, knowing they have reliable and knowledgeable IT professionals taking care of their needs.

Flexibility and adaptability are crucial elements in the evolution of IT services. These providers recognize that every business has unique needs and tailor their support accordingly. Their ability to adapt and provide personalized solutions is vital for fostering enduring and fruitful business relationships.

In summary, the transformation of IT services over the years has significantly expanded the range of services provided and the way IT professionals cater to the diverse requirements of businesses. IT service providers have evolved to become true business partners, safeguarding businesses as they navigate the complexities of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Adjusting to IT Developments

Adapting to IT changes is essential for businesses in today's fast-paced technological landscape. As an experienced professional in medical treatment systems and real estate portfolio management, Michael Della-Rosa has faced numerous IT challenges over the past 14 years.

One crucial aspect of handling IT changes is having reliable support. Medical Treatment Systems has been fortunate enough to collaborate with Lisa and her team, who have provided seamless assistance in managing his IT needs. They have provided solutions, from handling increased business cyber-security concerns to managing daily IT tasks, like password resets.

Through the years, Michael Della-Rosa has navigated several cyber threats due to their standard business name. To address this, Lisa and her team have undertaken tasks like regular web searches and website setup, expanding their services to cater to the company's evolving needs.

Maintaining a flexible approach towards IT support is the key to Medical Treatment Systems's successful partnership with Progressive Computer Systems. They have tailored their services, opting for hourly billing, which has accommodated the company's growing requirements and allowed Medical Treatment Systems to take on more IT tasks. This ultimately helps reduce the strain on their IT support personnel, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.

Moreover, the IT team at PCS has acted as a reliable sounding board for Medical Treatment Systems whenever he needs advice. For instance, they have helped him make informed decisions about cyber-security insurance, reviewed insurance policies, and answered questionnaires to ensure appropriate coverage for the business.

The partnership with PCS has contributed to Medical Treatment Systems's ability to adapt to IT changes. Through their dependable assistance and flexibility, the company has navigated the ever-changing technological landscape with confidence.

Financial Agreements and Cost Management

In managing the financial aspects of a real estate portfolio, Michael Della-Rosa worked closely with his IT consultants at Progressive Computer Systems. They agreed on a flexible billing plan to ensure the most effective operations. Instead of a fixed monthly fee, the collaboration adapted to an hourly rate and cost control in response to the business owner's concerns.

As Progressive Computer Systems’' services expanded, they became more resourceful, assisting Medical Treatment Systems with tasks such as:

  • Conducting web searches
  • Creating a business website
  • Guiding cybersecurity toolsets
  • Assisting with obtaining cyber insurance
  • Providing education about domain registration

The partnership proved successful thanks to their willingness to accommodate Medical Treatment Systems's needs. They demonstrated expertise in recommending and configuring computer systems for the business. Such support allowed Medical Treatment Systems to focus on other aspects of their company.

Thus, Medical Treatment Systems's collaboration with Bruce and Lisa has led to a seamless working experience that contributed to efficient cost management. Their commitment to understanding and addressing diverse needs has resulted in a reliable and fruitful working relationship.

IT Support and Operations

IT support and operations have become increasingly critical for many businesses in the ever-evolving world of information technology. The range and quality of IT services must be customizable, seamless, and able to meet each company's unique requirements.

For instance, a company that manages Medical Treatment Systems and a real estate portfolio requires IT support for smooth operations and transitions within its team. The IT service provider must offer more than just essential support and maintenance; it must also provide additional services like website creation, security measures against cyber-attacks, and even guidance on cybersecurity insurance.

The IT service provider should act as a sounding board for the company, providing recommendations on new technologies and equipment. They should serve as a reliable source of advice, ensuring the business has adequate cybersecurity insurance coverage and can successfully navigate complex insurance questionnaires.

When the IT specialists are not immediately available, they should be able to delegate tasks to their team, maintaining high support and satisfaction for the business. Trust and availability are essential pillars in this relationship, giving the company the confidence to focus on managing its operations and growth.

A strong IT support and operations team should understand their client's needs, offering efficient and flexible solutions while staying updated with the ever-changing technological landscape.

Assisting with Hardware Procurement

When it comes to hardware procurement assistance, the goal is to make the process seamless and more straightforward for companies. For instance, Medical Treatment Systems needs new computers for their software business, so they contact the team at Progressive Computer Systems for recommendations. These IT professionals can suggest the best computers and purchase, configure them, and bill the company, saving them time and effort.

Moreover, additional services offered by IT professionals have expanded over the years. For example, performing periodic dark web searches for companies and assisting with website-related tasks contribute to overall cybersecurity. Furthermore, with the rise in cybersecurity threats, companies have been advised to obtain cybersecurity insurance. In such cases, experienced IT professionals can provide valuable advice, review insurance policies, and suggest needed coverage to ensure the company is well protected.

A strong and flexible relationship between the company and the IT professionals is essential, as it allows them to understand the company's needs and priorities. Clear communication ensures the business can rely on its IT team to oversee day-to-day tasks and triage issues, and handle more urgent problems when they arise.

By utilizing qualified IT professionals' expertise, businesses can effectively navigate hardware procurement and cybersecurity measures, allowing them to focus on other essential aspects within their company.

Cybersecurity and Insurance

Cybersecurity has become essential to business operations, especially as businesses are more vulnerable to online threats than ever. The risks can be significantly higher for medical and real estate companies due to the sensitive nature of the data they handle.

To protect their businesses, companies are increasingly seeking cybersecurity insurance to mitigate the potential damages caused by security breaches. This includes assessing the adequacy of their existing insurance policies and obtaining additional coverage if necessary.

Securing cybersecurity insurance may involve filling out questionnaires and consulting with experts in the field. This ensures that businesses accurately represent their security measures and refrain from unintentionally increasing their rates or limiting their coverage. By working with cybersecurity professionals at Progressive Computer Systems, businesses can gain valuable insights and recommendations for improving their defenses and reducing risk exposure.

Moreover, the cybersecurity landscape's dynamic nature requires businesses to adapt to new threats and technologies continually. As a result, constantly updating and enhancing their cybersecurity measures and staying informed about the latest risks and trends is crucial to the overall protection of a business.

In conclusion, obtaining cybersecurity insurance and staying up-to-date on best practices in the field is of utmost importance for businesses in today's digital age. By taking the necessary steps to safeguard their valuable data and assets, companies can minimize the potential impact of a security breach and maintain the trust of their clients and partners.

Building Professional Connections and Endorsements

Michael Della-Rosa has been working with Medical Treatment Systems for approximately 14 years, initially handling their medical provider operations. Later, he managed the company's real estate portfolio as their Director of Operations.

During his tenure, Medical Treatment Systems faced the sudden departure of his IT person, leading to an introduction to Lisa, a recommended professional who could help fill the IT gap. After a clear conversation with Lisa about his expectations, he found that their new partnership provided more services than before, and the transition was seamless. Medical Treatment Systems emphasized the importance of a flexible partnership with Lisa and her team, as the business needs have evolved over the years. 

The team's collaboration extends to recommendations regarding cybersecurity insurance, ensuring proper coverage, and assisting Medical Treatment Systems in making an informed decision. They have also assisted in procuring and configuring computers for the software business, streamlining processes, and helping Medical Treatment Systems avoid missteps.

Over time, Medical Treatment Systems has appreciated the professional relationship and has felt confident giving new client referrals to Progressive Computer Systems. The availability of these professionals allows Medical Treatment Systems to focus on other aspects of its responsibilities and ensure continued growth for Medical Treatment Systems.


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