DeWhit Facility Services Trusts Progressive Computer Systems With Exceptional IT Services

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DeWhit Facility Services Trusts Progressive Computer Systems With Exceptional IT Services

As the General Manager of DeWhit Facility Services, Nick Dennis oversees the company's mission to deliver comprehensive commercial cleaning services. From janitorial tasks to specialized GMP cleaning, they tackle it all, leaving no surface untouched.

While they might be smaller in scale compared to our larger competitors, their dedication to excellence serves a diverse clientele, including prestigious names like NC State University and pharmaceutical leader AstraZeneca, not to mention the defense contractor known for manufacturing F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, Lockheed Martin. This varied portfolio highlights their capability to handle high-stakes environments across multiple industries.

Upon assuming his role at DeWhit, Nick inherited an inadequate IT infrastructure and struggled to support our operations. Drawing from past experiences with Progressive Computer Systems, an IT services company known for its unparalleled customer service, he proposed a partnership to streamline our technical operations.

The Progressive Computer Systems’ team embraced the challenge, deploying their aptitude for problem-solving and relationship-building to improve our IT landscape. Under Progressive's watch, the transformation was remarkable, transitioning from an outdated setup to an ecosystem where daily operations benefitted from modern solutions like Office 365 without missing a beat in our high-demand services.

Key Takeaways

  • DeWhit Facility Services delivers diversified cleaning services, effectively serving clients from universities to aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.
  • With inadequate IT systems, DeWhit Facility Services contacted Progressive Computer Systems for expert IT support.
  • Under Progressive Computer Systems' guidance, DeWhit experienced a seamless transition to advanced IT solutions, ensuring continual operational excellence.

Information Technology Operations at DeWhit Facility Services

As General Manager at DeWhit Facility Services, Nick oversees the IT systems foundational to our broad range of services, including general janitorial work and specialized cleaning for a diverse clientele, such as educational institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

With Nick’s tenure of around a year, the initial IT infrastructure he inherited was fraught with difficulties, lacking in reliable support, customer service, and inadequate backup solutions. Despite these issues, the company maintained its operations, but Nick knew that better technical support and customer service options were available.

Transition to Progressive IT Solutions

Before joining DeWhit, Nick witnessed the effectiveness of Progressive Computer Systems’ IT Solutions in a substantial $200 million company, which hosted an environment abundant in high-tech machinery, all dependent on computers and IT efficiency. Reflecting on that positive experience, he engaged with Progressive Computer Systems to reinvent the IT systems at DeWhit.

Upgrades and Improvements

  • A fully evaluated and implemented IT upgrade plan, including server upgrades and a transition to Office 365, allows them to continue our operations and thrive.
  • Their IT equipment modernization has ensured we never missed a beat, allowing uninterrupted service delivery.

Customer Support and Professional Relationships with Progressive IT Solutions

  • Responsive and personalized customer support within minutes of reaching out.
  • A symbiotic relationship with IT support that extends beyond problem-solving, characterized by personal engagement with our team members.

Our partnership with Progressive Computer Systems has been transformational, marking an upgrade from a patchwork IT setup to a seamless and supportive structure. This improvement is evident in our enhanced capabilities to deliver uninterrupted, high-quality services to all their clients, regardless of contract scale.

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Enhancing Support Infrastructure for DeWhit Facility Operations

Historical IT Obstacles at DeWhit

Before Nick’s tenure with DeWhit, the information technology infrastructure needed to be fixed, and disorganized internal systems made it difficult to see how the business had thrived under those conditions. Upon assuming his role at DeWhit, Nick realized that the lack of support and customer service was astounding and no contingency plans were in place.

Partnership with Progressive Computer Systems

According to Nick, my previous experience with Progressive Computer Systems had shown me their level of effectiveness. The Progressive Computer Systems team managed IT for Nick's previous company, ensuring seamless operations across various departments, including customer service, engineering, sales, and more. Progressive Computer Systems played an integral role in the success of a company valued at nearly two hundred million dollars, handling intricate systems associated with multi-million dollar machinery.

When Nick began at DeWhit, he contacted Lisa Mitchell at Progressive Computer Systems, wondering if they supported smaller enterprises. To his relief, Progressive Computer Systems was willing to partner with DeWhit and promptly formulated a strategic plan.

Post system evaluation, a detailed discussion followed, and a mutual agreement to partner brought about immediate improvements. Progressive Computer Systems’ approach contrasted with his previous IT experiences at DeWhit.  Progressive Computer Systems offered attentive customer support and even built a better relationship with my former IT provider, easing the transition.

The collaboration with Progressive Computer Systems has yielded significant benefits. From the comprehensive update of DeWhit’s outdated equipment to the smooth transition to Office 365, there have been marked improvements in our day-to-day operations. The support from Progressive Computer Systems is remarkable, they adopt a proactive philosophy, and I'm so relieved to be just a quick call away from getting assistance. The Progressive Computer Systems team’s commitment transformed our IT infrastructure from a point of vulnerability to a pillar of strength.

Advanced IT Support for Modern Enterprises

Assessing Systems and Strategic Planning

Nick assessed the IT infrastructure upon taking the helm at DeWhit Facility Services.  He recognized the necessity for a robust system to sustain our multifaceted operations. He formulated a strategic plan to overhaul and elevate our IT services, ensuring every area was addressed.

  • Analysis Phase: A comprehensive review of all IT-related equipment and software, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Strategic Development: Progressive Computer Systems crafted a tailored IT strategy that addressed the specific needs of our operations, from janitorial scheduling to inventory tracking.
  • Customized Solutions: Emphasizing customization of the IT framework to facilitate seamless janitorial and commercial cleaning tasks.

Seamless Transition and Full Deployment

Transitioning to a more reliable IT provider, Progressive Computer Systems and Nick Dennis led the changeover with minimal disruptions to the organization's ongoing processes, a testament to meticulous planning and execution.

  • Vendor Collaboration: Ensuring a smooth hand-off by fostering a cooperative relationship with the previous IT service provider.
  • Deployment Excellence: Rolling out new systems and updates with precision and acute attention to workflow continuity.
  • Change Management: Keeping staff informed and supported through each stage of the implementation process.

Superior IT Support Services in the Research Triangle

With Progressive Computer Systems, it wasn't just about solving IT issues; it was the establishment of genuine relationships that set them apart. Their team's ability to engage personally created a family-like atmosphere, quite different from the norm in IT services, where interactions can often be transactional and impersonal.

Transitioning to a managerial role at DeWhit Facility Services, Nick discovered that Progressive Computer Systems could also scale its services to suit smaller businesses. Despite initial skepticism about Progressive Computer Systems supporting a smaller-scale company like DeWhit, the response was immediate and strategic. They initiated system evaluations, conducted thorough discussions on required upgrades, and fostered a seamless transition from a less-than-ideal IT setup to a remarkably superior one.

The stark difference was in customer support and their proactive approach. No matter the query or the urgency, Progressive Computer Systems’ response was swift and effective, leaving no room for downtime or disruption in our quarter of a million dollars daily shipping operations. “They didn't just fix problems—they actively enhanced our existing systems, transitioning outdated software to cutting-edge alternatives such as Office 365,” states Nick Dennis.

In summary, the robust support from Progressive's IT services has been commendable, further empowering us to maintain continuity in delivering high-quality janitorial services to our clients.

“With an emphasis on customer satisfaction and technical proficiency, our partnership with Progressive Computer Systems not only aligns with but elevates our company ethos, ensuring we survive and thrive in today's competitive market,” according to Nick Dennis.

Lisa Mitchell
Owner, Progressive Computer Systems
Lisa Mitchell

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